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Years After Disaster Japan To Restart Two Nuclear Reactors


Years After Disaster Japan To Restart Two Nuclear Reactors
Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/CBSEveningNews September 21 2014 - Three and a half years later after an earthquake and tsunami caused nuclear disaster in Japan inspectors have cleared two rea ...

Nuke The Moon; CIA s Real Life Plan To Cause Moonquakes


Nuke The Moon; CIA s Real Life Plan To Cause Moonquakes
Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/RTAmerica September 20 2014 - Plans to establishing subterranean army bases steal rockets and cause moonquakes using nuclear weapons were recently unveiled in n ...

26 times much radiation level detected from Japanese used car "Mitsubishi Pajero" in Russian Customs


26 times much radiation level detected from Japanese used car "Mitsubishi Pajero" in Russian...
Extremely radioactive used car was about to be imported from Japan to Russia. The car was Mitsubishi Pajero. The detected radiation level is reported to be 26 times much as

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Japan Seeks Backing for Whaling Despite UN Ruling


Japan Seeks Backing for Whaling Despite UN Ruling
Japan sought international backing Wednesday for its highly criticized plan to resume whale hunting in the Antarctic next year, despite a ruling against it by the top U.N. court. Japan negotiated at the International Whaling Commission conference in Portoroz, Slovenia, to amend a resolution...


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Los Alamos has narrowed down what they think is the risk scenario that lead to the barrel explosion at WIPP. A combination of the waste being handled, the absorbent used and a lead glove may have created the conditions that caused the barrel incident. The representative from Los Alamos explained the reaction they are considering as this: “We also see that there are other reactions that could have taken place on a smaller scale,” Wallace said. “For example, nitric acid interacts and reacts with lead at a much lower temperature. So there’s a series of these reactions that could have taken place that all together could have heated this drum up to the point where you would begin to have a reaction with the organic absorbent.” The waste stream in question is liquid waste from Rocky Flats plutonium plant in Colorado. Of that waste, those that were absorbed with the organic kitty litter ...

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According to the head of the French Nuclear Safety Authority, Electricite de France SA (EDF) – the largest generator of nuclear power in the world, is unable to keep up with maintenance needs...

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