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Nuclear Hotseat with Libbe HaLevy

Nuclear Hotseat with Libbe HaLevy - 6/27/2015

Post Ignorance with Kevin D. Blanch Archive

Post Ignorance with Kevin Blanch - 6/25/2015
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Combined Beta, Gamma and X-Ray radiation reading


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A newly released document shows progress in the effort to inspect inside unit 2′s containment. At unit 1 they went directly to installing a shape changing robot to inspect inside containment in two directions. With unit 2 there are more problems to overcome. For unit 2 this initial attempt will be to run a different crawler bot down the CRD rail. If it is successful they hope to obtain images from inside the reactor pedestal. In order to do this they will need to open the X6 control rod hatch. In preparation for that, shielding blocks have been installed around the area. A packbot robot has also been used to estimate the radiation levels at the control rod hatch.   CRD hatch Radiation readings at the CRD hatch, higher readings taken closer to the hatch. The radiation levels near the hatch are over 1 sievert. This is too high for humans to approach and can ...



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NASA has released a study claiming there is a need for continued use of plutonium-energized power systems for future space flights. It also says the use of actual nuclear reactors in space “has...

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